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V.E.P.S. : A unique undertaking

V.E.P.S. (Valorisation et Exploitation du Procede Stevanovitch, or Valorization and Exploitation of the Stevanovitch Process)
was established as a private company in 2005.

The V.E.P.S Company holds exclusive world-wide rights to the Life Waves perfected by Vlady Stevanovitch who, to our knowledge, is the only person to have succeeded in inserting his Chi into an electronic device to make it instantly available to others.

Manufacture is carried out on a small scale and entirely based in France, thereby ensuring a reactive after-sales service. Company headquarters are located in Limoux, in the Aude departement : this is the Centre Ondes Vives (Life Waves Centre) where the range of models can be examined and tried out. Training can also be provided, on request.

Centre Ondes Vives, 47 Avenue Fabre d’Eglantine, 11300, Limoux, France, tel 00 33 4 68 31 15 89

 A method Made in France !

Who is Jean-Paul Duchêne ?

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Passionate about the practice of energy for over 40 years, a teacher of Tai Chi, Jean-Paul Duchene is the founder and Director of the Centre Ondes Vives (Life Wave Centre).

He discovered the reality of Chi or Qi (vital energy) in 1976, following an encounter with Itsuo Tsuda who would be his master for 8 years, teaching him Aikido and the Regenerator Movement (Katsugen Undo) which he had brought to Europe. Tsuda’s traditional approach, his emphasis on breathing, on working with inner energy, deeply influenced Jean-Paul Duchene’s practice. It is at this time that he discovered the world of Chi-carrying sounds with the beginnings of Kiai practice. Following Itsuo Tsuda’s death, he found a similar degree of expectation and quality of teaching with Vlady Stevanovitch. Whilst the latter’s teachings followed strictly traditional concepts, he had also devised an approach to teaching adapted to a western mind-set and life-style. In 2004, Vlady Stevanovitch ran an exclusive Kiai workshop where, in his teaching approach, he detailed the production process for Chi-carrying sounds. From then on, Jean-Paul Duchene decided to work assiduously with sounds.

Ever since, he has taught Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Chi-carrying sounds from the Centre Ondes Vives, using Vlady Stevanovitch’s teaching tools, in order to transmit in turn to others what his masters have passed on to him.

Working tirelessly, Vlady Stevanovitch has perfected a process that is named after him. He turned to Jean-Paul Duchene with the request to develop the devices required to deliver the result of his research. These devices are now called Life Wave Transmitters (Emetteur d’Ondes Vives). And that is why the centre he created is called Centre Ondes Vives (Life Wave Centre).



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