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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please write to us at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Questions regarding its use :

What is the difference between the MiniVeps and the Veps III ?

While the MiniVeps has the advantage of being portable, the signal it emits is not as powerful as the Veps III, the latest in the range.
For ease of use, or when on the move, the MiniVeps fulfils its purpose perfectly. The Veps III’s power allows it to work more deeply when more reparative energy is required.

Children and Life Waves ?

Children definitely derive benefit from the Life Waves. Sessions must be undertaken under adult supervision (a small child in its mother’s arms, for example). Children generally respond more quickly than adults.

Older people and Life Waves ?

Older people generally appreciate the increased energy and well-being brought about by the Life Waves. However particular care should be taken to the reactions of people who have a long history of medical interventions or are heavily medicated.

Pregnancy and Life Waves ?

As a precaution, women who are less than three months into their pregnancy are advised to avoid the Life Waves. Medical advice should be sought in the case of pregnancies where risks have been identified.
And in all cases of pregnancy, it is always the MINIMAL principle that should prevail. For pregnant women, the MiniVeps should be positioned under the sole of the foot.

How to determine if the wave emitted is still effective ?

You feel its effects and become more sensitized the more you use it. Development tests undertaken over the last 10 years reveal no change over time to the frequency complexes. A light will appear if the unit malfunctions (refer to the unit’s Operations Manual). Testimonials from professional users confirm that the waves continue to be effective.

Is it comparable to magnetism?

The piezoelectric transducer in the MiniVeps body is a ceramic membrane which vibrates mechanically as a result of the excitation of the sound waves, and so does not contain a magnet, unlike loud-speakers and headphones. No electro-magnetism is involved in the process.

To what energy practice could we compare the Life Waves?

The sensation differs according to individuals and the exposure they may have had to various energy practices. One tries to understand by comparing to one’s experience.
A person used to consulting an osteopath will compare a Life Wave session with an osteopathy session, etc. Nothing compares with direct experience: the ideal is to undertake a discovery session with one of our representatives or to rent a MiniVeps to test it at home.
We would remind you that Life Wave Transmitters are devices that promote comfort and well-being and cannot at any time be considered a substitute for medical follow-up.

Is any particular knowledge of Chi required?  To use this device, is an understanding of energy techniques necessary?

While the Life Waves derive their principle from energy techniques, there is no need to know or practice these techniques to use them.  In fact, practitioners of these techniques should set aside what they know during a session.  Life Waves are recommended for anybody without contraindications who also wants to use them with the right mind-set, ie, not as a commodity of routine consumption, but as a precious contribution to improve their vital energy.  The main thing is to provide the right conditions, externally (personal space, quiet), and internally (availability, internal awareness).

Habituation effects?

Does repeated use lead to habituation?  Does the device become less effective over time?
On the contrary, rather than any sign of habituation, users have become more responsive and the Life Waves have had a more profound effect.  Users generally adapt to their experience by reducing the frequency of use, or group the sessions together, or lessen their duration.

Positioning the body of the transmitter on the sacrum?

The size of the MiniVeps results in a diffusion over a large area – we are not looking for pin-point accuracy!  An easy reference point: the sacrum is just above the line of the buttocks.

The Life Waves do not travel to where my tensions are…

Life Waves do not necessarily attack a major problem head–on but may go through intermediary stages , or detours.  Furthermore, not feeling anything in one or another part of the body does not mean the Life Waves have not been there to carry out their work.   The effect of the Life Waves is independent of the perception we may have of them.

Reccurrence of a previous pain

Life Waves travel to energy-blocking areas: this can sometimes trigger historic pains which normally fade after a few minutes’ exposure to the Life Waves.  Regular use of the MiniVeps and a healthy lifestyle work hand in hand.

Trouble sleeping?

Ideally, place the body of the transmitter  under the sole of the foot(held in place with a scarf, for example, or an expandable bandage or sock). Either foot is suitable.  Try undertaking a session just before going to bed.  For those rare people, on the other hand, who become energised after a session, it is recommended they use the Life Waves during the day, if possible in the morning.  Roselyne B’s testimonial supports the sleep benefits of the Life Waves.

Technical Issues

Risks of failure?
All devices consist solely of electronic components, with no mechanical items.  There are therefore no mechanical wear concerns.  There is a 2-year commercial warranty.

Airport Security (X Rays)?
All devices can be passed through airport security checks without risk of damage.




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