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The Life Wave Transmitter

Source of Chi and Vitality

The Veps is a transmitter of Life Waves.  These waves were produced using Vlady Stevanovitch’s voice with the intent of being reproduced by a device.  Jean-Paul Duchene, student and colleague of Vlady Stevanovitch, has developed and continues to refine the Life Wave Transmitter to improve its performance and power.  For her part, Michele Stevanovitch continues the work of her husband in his school, Ecole de la Voie Interieure (Inner Way School).
We propose here to increase your understanding of the Life Waves and their history.

Vlady Stevanovitch’s research and process development

Vlady Stevanovitch developed the Stevanovitch method for recording and processing audio signals between 1999 and 2005, with particular application to the field of well-being.
The initial ingredient required for the creation of the complex sounds is his voice.  Unlike conventional stimulation equipment used in medicine, the origin of the signal is therefore natural, not artificial.  Further improvements have optimised the signal and increased its effect.

Sound waves… in silence

The wave emission lies within the sound spectrum but is not intended to be heard.  Instead, positioning the transmitter body against the sacrum or the sole of the foot allows the sound frequency complex to be immediately conducted through live tissues. The emission volume is low: in practice, the device is thus quiet in operation.

Re-inforcement of Nogier Frequencies

The sound complex has been filtered to enhance some of Nogier’s key frequencies, transposed to audible spectrum levels, specifically 4672Hz, 146Hz and 73 Hz. Transmission is intermittent: a series of three sounds alternates with a pause of equal duration.

Modulating the effects

An unexpected consequence of these modifications has been a significant increase in the potentialities of the sound complex, whose power has exceeded the needs of most users.

The signal has therefore been made adjustable using a new digital processing method which has changed the volume of frequencies and number of harmonics.

Chi-carrying Life Waves favour life

This is not a device intended to address any symptom whatsoever. It is a device for well-being with only one focus: the quality of life. The medical world, regardless of its specialisations, is beginning to take an interest in the Life Wave Transmitter.  Indeed, it is normal that when vital energy is restored and re-harmonised, various symptoms disappear of their own accord:  tensions dissolve, some pains fade, joints rediscover their ability to move, general mood improves, joy of living returns.
The same “Life Wave” signal works with every living being (humans, animals, plants…) and indeed any living phenomenon, given that Life Waves have an effect on water, houses, food… Life Waves are the same regardless of their transmission level.
Life Waves bring energy (Chi) and information.  Most quantum therapy devices are designed to work on a variety of factors that make up a living organism, for example a human being.  The aim is then to find what element or component of the system is failing in order to correct it. The use of Life Waves is a radically different approach, and this underscores its uniqueness.  Vlady Stevanovitch strove to go as far back as possible towards the origins of Life in order to uncover what every living entity has in common.

This is why one can say that Life Waves always favour Life, whatever living organism they are applied to.



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