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Sport : the Veps helps you relax and recover



For athletes, relaxing and recovering is essential

Relaxing for athletes can be invaluable to optimize abilities, pre-competition preparations, as well as recovery following a competition or from pain. It is well known that a relaxed, physically- and mentally- prepared athlete will perform better than one who is tense.

Combining relaxation and sporting activities help the following:

  • An integration of muscle memory, a refining of perceptions
  • Optimised focus and abilities
  • Increased competitiveness and self-confidence
  • Control of muscle contraction and release
  • An increased ability to recover and reduced tiredness
  • Development of physical and mental energy

Stress is a major contributor to performance loss, increased pain sensitivity and the likelihood of a variety of symptoms.

Several relaxation techniques can be used to manage stress, nervousness and self-doubt.

Relaxation also gives us time to ourselves, to benefit from a total release of physical and mental stress, to recover our own body image, to mentally prepare for a competitive event, to become familiar with conditioning techniques that allow us to respond in a variety of situations to regain almost instantaneous calmness, motivation and concentration.

Article prepared by Alexandra ROYER, Certified Relaxation Specialist,



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