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Pain : The Veps responds with gentleness


One pain, multiple pains

Pain generally is a sign of injury, disease or body dysfunction. In these cases it is a necessity; an effective alarm system that can trigger protective reactions. Once treated, this so-called « acute » pain disappears.

Long term persistence of acute pain (more than 3 months) is the definition of chronic pain. It no longer serves the body, becoming a pathology in itself which then needs to be treated as such.

Treating pain

The body has various responses to regulate pain. It secretes its own pain-relieving substances. These are natural morphines (endorphins) that inhibit pain.

Our nervous system detects and transmits pain "messages" in the same way for everyone, but the perception of pain can vary from one person to another. The emotional component actually makes pain more or less unpleasant, painful, or bearable depending on the individual. When it persists, pain can even lead to depression and anxiety. Over time, and depending on circumstances, pain threshold and tolerance can also change for the same person. These changes are partially explained by psychological factors associated with pain.

Together with analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory medication, alternative medicine such as a warm bath, massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, hypnosis, relaxation etc. are also approaches for dealing with pain. New practices that affect a person’s inner state such as Chi Kung exercises or Tai Chi can bring about noticeable relief.



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