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En raison des événements récents liés au COVID-19, VEPS ferme ses portes jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

Convalescence: The Veps helps you regain your energy levels


A sprain, surgery, flu... Once cured, we need to recover!

We are all familiar with the following: getting ill in winter, a sprained ankle, undergoing surgery... These events don’t end once we are cured. They may trigger periods of fatigue, or lead to complications. It can be difficult to fully recover all our faculties, all our energy.

Treatments that are difficult to bear


Fatigue is virtually constant during chemotherapy and for days afterwards. It varies according to the treatments. It has different causes:

  • The disease itself
  • treatment side-effects (nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, diarrhea, anemia...)
  • anxiety and sleep disorders related to fears about the evolution of the disease

It can all too often be understated by doctors and immediate family members.

Other treatments are also difficult to bear as much at the physical level as the psychological one.



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