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Animals naturally love Life Waves


Animals are very responsive to all energy phenomena.

They have a fine and intuitive awareness of environmental changes. At the time of the 2004 Tsunami, for example, all animals had fled the shoreline to shelter on higher ground well before the wave was triggered. This sensitivity enables them to feel the presence of Life Waves and to determine whether they are of benefit to them or not. There are many recorded anecdotes of cats and dogs regularly curling up to people undertaking a Life Wave session and refusing to move as long as the Life Wave transmissions last.


Testimonial by Jerome Favereau, professional jockey (31)

« I took part in eventing, a number of horse shows, in the 2015 season. I was European Junior Team champion in 1989. Since then, I have trained horses, bringing them to competition level to sell them. I bought a horse in January 2015 and heard about the EquiVeps at about the same time. This horse having not yet been trained had excessive energy levels. So I used the EquiVeps every 2 days as recommended in the instructions. I noticed a significant change in the horse, he was quieter, calmer. I saved a lot of training time, he was competing two months later, he had a few successes. Thanks to the EquiVeps, I succeeded in channelling his spirit, his impulsiveness, which made it easier for him to accept the training in the right way so that he did not incur any injuries. »




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