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How the Veps works | Video Presentation

Jean-Paul Duchene, creator of the Veps, is the Director of the Centre des Ondes Vives (Centre of Life Waves) and of the V.E.P.S. Company. He explains the health principles the Veps relies on to provide you with relaxation and energy.

The Veps is effective in dealing with stress, to relax, regain your energy and good quality of life. The first effect of the Life Waves is to release tensions, be they physical or psychological. The Life Waves also benefit animals.

The “Life Wave” signal works with every living being (humans, animals, plants…), and indeed any living phenomenon, given that Life Waves have an effect on water, houses, food… Life Waves are the same regardless of their transmission level.

Life Waves bring energy (Chi) and information. Most quantum therapy devices are designed to work on a variety of factors that make up a living organism, for example a human being. The aim is then to find which element or component of the system is failing in order to correct it. The use of Life Waves is a radically different approach, and this underscores its uniqueness. Vlady Stevanovitch strove to go as far back as possible towards the origins of Life in order to uncover what every living entity has in common.

This is why one can say that Life Waves always favour Life, whatever living organism they are applied to.

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Rental / Discovery Option: rent the Veps for one month before committing yourself…
Rental cost between 120 and 160 Euros per month.


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